Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Wedding Budget Tips

Let your ideas decide the outcome of your wedding and not the money itself.
It is true that money can buy a lot of things, but if you have a great wedding budget idea, you can make your wedding an affair to remember.

Your first step would be to make an honest assessment about the money that you can comfortably spend without having to bear the burden of debt that would follow your wedding if you spend unwisely.

To begin with, develop a clear picture about the kind of wedding you would like to have. As contradictory as it may sound, do not think of the money that you would need to accomplish it. Rather, think of ways in which you can best utilise your money.

Now, allocate the money to the events that you cannot do without professional help, for the rest, develop a do-it-yourself attitude.

Have a plan of the entire wedding on paper well in advance. Prepare a time sheet. Set goals and delegate responsibility. Gather friends and family to help you out. And, in order not to inconvenience them or push them to their limits, plan in advance what task which person would do best. Jot down details such as, when will it be most convenient for him/her to help you. Be polite and courteous to them and let your plan get the most out of each member without causing any trouble to him/her.

For the things that can’t come without money, be innovative and creative. Ideate yourself and take help from people who are good with ideation and creativity.

A close friend or a family member might help get you a discount from the caterers, designers or jewelers and a little thought and creativity will not only make your wedding beautiful and memorable but also save you from experiencing the pinch of the pocket later.

All along, think of ways in which you can stick to your budget and yet have a wedding you always desired.

If you have the will to have a great wedding, almost nothing can stop you from attaining it.

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Monday, 16 January 2012

How to plan your own Royal Wedding?

Not a prince? Don’t wear a tiara to work? Don’t own land the size of a country? Don’t carry your gold in wheel barrows to dump it into your treasury? No problem. You can still have a wedding that resembles a royal one.

But for starters, let’s see what sets apart a royal wedding

Scribbling at the back of an envelope, you can come up with these things: Great location, Presence of the who’s who of the world, Great fashion, Amazing food and music and above all a sense of style that is irreplaceable.

So, how do we fit this into your budget? Let’s go through them one by one.

Great location: A great location does not necessarily mean you host your wedding on a private island or book the fanciest of five star hotels. A great location is a place which firstly is not run-of-the-mill. So, get your grey cells cracking and come up with some location nobody ever thought before. The thumb rule here is – people should enjoy being in this place. It should make them feel good; make them feel that they should outstay the wedding celebrations and continue to soak in the magic of the place. If you’ve achieved this then you can tick the first check box of your ‘what do I need for a royal wedding’ list.

Presence of the who’s who of the world: If you can’t get Brad Pitt to come to your wedding, you can make people at your wedding feel like Brad Pitt. Shower all the love, affection and comfort on your guests. This will have a magical effect on the ambience of your wedding. And, the merrier it gets, the more royal it does.

Great Fashion: Stay miles away from the current clichés in fashion. A little thinking and some help from a not-so-expensive designer can make you look stunning on your wedding day. The same goes for jewellery too. Scan magazines, browse shops and innovate. Then, get somebody to craft that for you (In India, this is a very plausible option, not too sure about other countries). You’ll have to work hard and plan but at the end of the day, it will be worth it.

Amazing Food and Music: Most weddings have the same food and music. Think of a unique theme for your wedding and weave in food and music that suits it. After all, weddings are events where people come to have a nice time. And, if it’s just like the hundreds they have attended before, then there won’t be anything memorable about yours. Set yourself apart and probably one day you will hear about your wedding, “That was one wedding I enjoyed.”

Sense of Style: Style is an individual statement and it lies in the minutest of things. Do things your way and let it reflect in every aspect of the wedding. From your wedding invitation, to the way guests are ushered in, stamp your mark on every facet of your wedding.

Moral of the story: You don’t need to empty your bank account to have a royal wedding. All that you need to do is transfer your style and persona to the wedding, ensure people have fun, love their food and music, and above all, you feel great about the way you look and feel. That done, it’s assured that your wedding will become a part of contemporary folklore, and that’s what a royal wedding is, isn’t it?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Create a Successful and Memorable Wedding

Weddings are once in a lifetime affair, mostly. Hence, creating a successful and memorable wedding is the dream of every couple. However, with so many aspects to be taken care of, things may go wrong. In this article we’ll give you a few pointers on how you can create a successful and memorable wedding.

Broadly speaking, there are two main aspects to a wedding: budget and organisation.

Your idea of your wedding should be in tandem with the amount you can spend. You may want a gala affair at an exotic location with several types of cuisines and décor that will delight your guests, but is that something which you can achieve with your budget? Therefore, a precise idea of how much you can spend is a very important aspect of your wedding.

Once you have a budget, or even a ballpark figure, you can go into the details and opt for choices that fit your budget.

You can choose a venue, cuisine, décor, trousseau and other embellishments that are within your budget.

This done, you can move to the next part where you can tackle things that might possibly go haywire.

Selecting a venue will be a major part of the organisation that goes into your wedding. Can the venue accommodate the number of guests you will be inviting? Can your guests reach the venue comfortably and park their vehicles easily? If it is not in your home town, have you made sufficient arrangements for their stay? These are some of the many factors that you will need to look into while considering your venue.

Now, let’s talk about third parties who would be catering to you. Have a plan sheet for all third parties involved in the function. Be crystal clear about what you expect from them and whether they are capable of delivering it. Pre-check their arrangements. Such as, taste the food that will be served. People who attend weddings judge them largely by the kind of food that is served. You do not want any gastronomical disaster to ruin the mood of your wedding.

With regards to décor, try to get visuals of how it would ultimately look like. Believe us, a lot is lost in translation and your vision could turn into a horrific reality.

The same applies to the seating arrangements, ushers and music. Make room for a few extra seats as people tend to gate-crash. Music should be in sync with the theme. You do not want to have a formal wedding and play electronic dance music. Have a trusted band of friends or family to oversee the proceedings; ushering in guests, making sure waiters are not dozing off, the food is not ice-cold or the photographer is spending his evening at the bar.

Memorable wedding photos are something that can never be retrieved if your photographer mistakes the bride and groom for somebody else.
It is difficult to get into the details of each and everything in a single article, so look out for other article that will follow this one and cover each aspect in depth.

Meanwhile, hope this has relieved some of the pressure and encouraged you to make an informed and organised start.

Cheers. See you soon with another helpful article.