Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Create a Successful and Memorable Wedding

Weddings are once in a lifetime affair, mostly. Hence, creating a successful and memorable wedding is the dream of every couple. However, with so many aspects to be taken care of, things may go wrong. In this article we’ll give you a few pointers on how you can create a successful and memorable wedding.

Broadly speaking, there are two main aspects to a wedding: budget and organisation.

Your idea of your wedding should be in tandem with the amount you can spend. You may want a gala affair at an exotic location with several types of cuisines and décor that will delight your guests, but is that something which you can achieve with your budget? Therefore, a precise idea of how much you can spend is a very important aspect of your wedding.

Once you have a budget, or even a ballpark figure, you can go into the details and opt for choices that fit your budget.

You can choose a venue, cuisine, décor, trousseau and other embellishments that are within your budget.

This done, you can move to the next part where you can tackle things that might possibly go haywire.

Selecting a venue will be a major part of the organisation that goes into your wedding. Can the venue accommodate the number of guests you will be inviting? Can your guests reach the venue comfortably and park their vehicles easily? If it is not in your home town, have you made sufficient arrangements for their stay? These are some of the many factors that you will need to look into while considering your venue.

Now, let’s talk about third parties who would be catering to you. Have a plan sheet for all third parties involved in the function. Be crystal clear about what you expect from them and whether they are capable of delivering it. Pre-check their arrangements. Such as, taste the food that will be served. People who attend weddings judge them largely by the kind of food that is served. You do not want any gastronomical disaster to ruin the mood of your wedding.

With regards to décor, try to get visuals of how it would ultimately look like. Believe us, a lot is lost in translation and your vision could turn into a horrific reality.

The same applies to the seating arrangements, ushers and music. Make room for a few extra seats as people tend to gate-crash. Music should be in sync with the theme. You do not want to have a formal wedding and play electronic dance music. Have a trusted band of friends or family to oversee the proceedings; ushering in guests, making sure waiters are not dozing off, the food is not ice-cold or the photographer is spending his evening at the bar.

Memorable wedding photos are something that can never be retrieved if your photographer mistakes the bride and groom for somebody else.
It is difficult to get into the details of each and everything in a single article, so look out for other article that will follow this one and cover each aspect in depth.

Meanwhile, hope this has relieved some of the pressure and encouraged you to make an informed and organised start.

Cheers. See you soon with another helpful article.

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